Lake Saimaa


Imatra is a municipality located in Southeastern Finland, along the Vuoksi River that flows from Lake Saimaa to Lake Ladoga. It can be considered the birthplace of Finnish tourism.

Imatra stands out for its enchanted nature. In fact, Lake Saimaa is considered the treasure of Eastern Finland, which has also been recognized internationally. The region is home to numerous interesting geological sites, either natural or made by humans. The various giant kettles, cliffs, and canals tell their own story of the region’s development.

In spring 2021, the Lake Saimaa region was awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status: it brings together Saimaa’s stunning nature sites, charming hiking trails, and historic cultural sites.

Imatra has also signed the Glasgow Climate declaration and is committed to be CO2 neutral in 2030.

The municipality’s population for the moment is around 25,000 inhabitants, but popular events easily double it.  Events are very important: Imatranajo race (an international road racing championship), Saimaa Cycle Tour (an international cycling event) as well as other sports events. Imatra is also known for its culture. Some well-known events to name are Imatra Big Band and International Black and White Theater Festivals.

The municipality is located 250 km from Finland’s capital Helsinki (2,5 hours by train) and the closest international airport is in Lappeenranta (37 km).


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