Lake Bohinj


Bohinj is a paradise valley embraced by the Julian Alps. Lake Bohinj, that lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Europe, is the largest Slovenian natural lake, nested at the foot of unspoilt mountains and mountain tops.

The municipality inspires with its charm throughout the year. It is possible to enjoy various activities and exceptional views, meet friendly local people and explore and experience the primal nature. For example, picturesque valleys and stunning pastures still follow the traditions of cheese-making and cohabitation with nature. The ”Bohinjsko/From Bohinj” brand guarantees high quality local dishes and beverages culinary delights from farms and crafted products.

Bohinj is a member of Alpine Pearls and thus committed to sustainable mobility and to a variety of public transport means within the Alps area. 

As the holder of the Slovenia Green Platinum Award, it is a part of the scheme combining destinations that are committed to sustainable tourism development.

Locals say that Bohinj is right at the end of the world, but it is only 25 km from Bled and is well-connected to other parts of Slovenia and Central Europe.


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