Pilot test 1: Iseo – Manzanares el Real

Friday 6th May – Monday 9th May
Organized by the Municipality of Iseo

The municipality of Iseo as coordinator of the LAKtive tourism project organized a journey to Manzanares El Real in Spain. The project is linked to upgrading and promotion of the territory in economic, cultural, social and environmental point of view.
The municipality of Iseo collaborated with Cooptour which is our tourism agency partner.
The purpose of the project is to increase the amount of senior tourists travelling in low season. The test involved 35 persons aged over 55 years who travelled to Spain for four days by an airplane.

Organized activities in collaboration with Cooptour and the municipality of Manzanares El Real
Cultural: The participants enjoyed cultural tour in Manzanares El Real and Madrid
Castles, churches, tower of the dam, hermitage…
Environment: There was a guided tour in nature
National park, outside activities, Farewell picnic …
Social: The participants were able to attend a dance organized by the local senior association
Dance, dinner, music, fun…
Institutional: In the occasion of the journey was officialized Iseo-Manzanares El Real town twinning
Conferences, speeches, ceremonies…

Customer satisfaction survey
At the end of the journey participants were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their expectations, travel experience and the level of satisfaction with the possibility to express which aspects could be improved
The results were statistically analyzed and will be exploited in order to create further tourism packages