Iseo (Italy)

Iseo on the south-eastern shore, is the town (9.200 inhabitants) after which the lake is named and has a medieval centre.”This is the most romantic place that I’ve ever seen in my life” wrote Lady Wortley Montagu at the end of the 18th Century, during her stay on Lake Iseo.

George Sand, the French writer who is said to have loved De Musset and Chopin on the Sebino Lake, replied half a century later in a letter to a friend, “Come, I have found a marvellous place to live; its waters are as sweet and fresh as an eclogue by Virgil”.
Lake Iseo has been attracting writers and artists, thinkers and curious tourists from all over the world for a long time. It is an enchanting and romantic lake surrounded by olive and chestnut trees, set like a jewel among the mountains and embraced by hills that gently and gradually slope down towards Franciacorta, an area of extraordinary wines.