Iseo Event 2013

So far so similar: culture, tradition and european identity in lake districts

Four days of events dedicated to culture, tradition and the promotion of the local identities of lake communities.

The focal point of the meeting between the project leader, Iseo, and the delegations from the partner countries was the exchange of experiences in order to promote active citizenship through meetings, conferences and workshops.

The themes of memory, tradition and cultural heritage were dealt with in various projects including: an exhibition dedicated to lake architecture which, by means of the interpretation of architectural languages which have developed on the various lakes on the Italian peninsula, has led to the knowledge, analysis and comparison of the different dynamics of artistic, territorial and cultural development which have unfolded.; a fair dedicated to the cultural publishing production, nature and the environment, guided tours of the area and a varied music programme ranging from classical music to folk, highlighting the cultural heritage and the traditions of these places.

A fair to promote typical local products was organised and many exhibitors from European lakes were present. Wine and food products and arts and crafts from every country were on display.

The programme also included a conference  with the participation of public administrators on the theme of sustainability and the management of lakes as a tourist resource. Experiences from Iseo (Italy) and Carrick On Shannon (Ireland) were presented by way of case histories.

Still on the subject of sustainable development, eco-demonstrations with electric engines boats (electric or with solar panels), bio-construction, renewable energy and eco–products.

European policies and the Europe for Citizens programme were presented during a meeting with the foreign delegations. On this occasion the groundwork was laid for the development of new undertakings of a cultural nature with the aim of exchanging best practices.