Sarnico Event 2014

Manage lake district, manage the future! New models of local governance

The closing event of the nEUlakes project took place in Sarnico (Italy), an important business and tourist centre which lies on the right-hand shore of Lake Iseo. The four days featured conferences, exhibitions, food and wine tasting and entertainment regarding European culture.

The partners tackled the subject of the management of sensitive lake areas using the example of the

Torbiere (the peat bogs) in Iseo as a starting point, as illustrated by Giovanni Lecchi, Chairman of the Consortium for the peat bogs in Iseo. They also concentrated on the importance of water as a source of life as shown by the Valle del Freddo and Lake Endine cases which were well presented by Massimo Pozzo and Maurizio Greppi from the Sebinica and Progetto Sebino associations.

The various experiences of the navigation system and harbour management were the focal point of the closing meeting with talks by the engineer Giuseppe Tobias Faccanoni, Director of the Authority for Lakes Iseo, Endine and Moro, and Guido Piccoli,  Director of  A.L.O.T. (Eastern Lombardy branch for Transport and logistics) who spoke about the impact of transport on the lake environment, citing the case for electric boats. An interesting digression on the history of lake navigation by Rosarita Colosio, a local history expert, concluded the programme.

European culture was narrated and literally staged through two important and successful shows. The first one was an opera entitled “Viaggio in Europa con l’operetta”(A European Journey through Operetta): a remarkable itinerary through European countries on the opera notes of ELENA SERRA (mezzosoprano), ANDREA BRAGIOTTO (tenor), SANDRA FOSCHIATTO (soprano) and Maestro SEM CERRITELLI on the piano. The second one, a ballet entitled “Europe in Dance”: a modern interpretation of some of the most famous and traditional European dances.

To complete the various projects, an exhibition “L’Architettura dei Laghi. Il razionalismo sul Lago di Como ” (Architecture of Lakes. Rationalism on Lake Como), arranged by the architects Aurelio Pezzola e Alberto Novati and coordinated by Ezio Pedrocchi, was held in the Gianni Bellini Picture Gallery in Sarnico. This exhibition had already been staged in Coniston, Iseo, Bled and Tamsweg where it was greatly appreciated.

The Italian date was also an opportunity to bring together the nEUlakes partners in the 1st Global Meeting of member countries (Saturday 10 May 2014) in order to take stock of the situation regarding partnership and lay the foundations for future cooperation.